Fatbike Night-Ride


Fatbike Night-Ride, The unique experience!
Fatbiking is a lot of fun during the day! At night it becomes an extraordinary adventure! - Darkness. Silence. Night. - Only the crunching of the snow under our extra wide mountain bike tires can be heard. Special lamps illuminate our way. Outside the light cone it is pitch dark. A mystical atmosphere!

You will be surprised how easy it is to master steep climbs with the clumsy looking Fatbikes! Consciously without an engine, we celebrate deceleration. Comfortably and without stress we slowly gain altitude. After a short break the highlight follows: The rapid descent to Zermatt!

Safe and controlled control of a bicycle. Mountain biking experience is an advantage, but not a prerequisite.

Basic condition for approx. 400 metres of ascent. We are on our way as a group and ride slowly. Short push-passage.

Minimum age: 
14 years

Bring along:

  • Warm shoes
  • gloves 
  • cap 
  • possibly a T-shirt to change after the ascent 

time requirement
approx. 19:00 - 22:00

All inclusive!

  • Guided tour by certified Swiss Cycling Guide 
  • fatbike 
  • lighting 
  • helm 

CHF 120.00 per person in a group

For less than 3 registrations*:
2 persons CHF 320.00
1 person CHF 280

In such a case, however, you will be informed in good time.