Cinema entrance


The Vernissage Cinema daily shows current blockbusters at 8.30 pm. In the early evening program you will find children's films as well as two documentary films of Zermatter August Julen: "Menschen am Matterhorn" and "Whymper's way to the Matterhorn". The documentaries will be shown on a Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

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The Vernissage cinema now offers Vernissage Cine Food Snacks. Thus it is possible to enjoy a fine beef burger or Caesar Salad during the film trailers. Dinner at the Cinema - a unique opportunity!

The Vernissage is a cinema theatre, stage and club in one. It is here that the idea of the music festival Zermatt Unplugged was born. A cinema and club have existed in the Backstage Hotel since 1992, when the Zermatt artist and hotelier Heinz Julen conceived the idea and made it a reality. In the cinema is an impressive chandelier, which before each cinema show is pulled from the ceiling by means of chains, so that the view on the screen becomes free. The seating style also differs from conventional city cinemas.


  • Adults CHF 18.00
  • Local with ID card CHF 16.00
  • Children up to 12 years CHF 14.00