Älplerfest Täschalp - Round Trip Package


On Sunday 28 July 2019, there will be a celebration of sporting ability, tradition and community, with the 8.9 km-long Täschalp run and Älplerfest celebrations. Details of the programme can be found here.

After being taken by taxi from Täsch to Täschalp, visitors can admire the amazing scenery, great music, traditional Täschalp risotto made in a huge copper pot and a delicious dessert. Even the athletes forget their strict eating habits for once and tuck in after the run to the popular selection of cakes including many homemade delicacies.

Visitors who haven’t taken part in the run don't need to have a guilty conscience, though, as the hike from Täschalp to Tuftern, Zermatt (approx 2 hrs) will easily burn off any extra calories.

It's well worth waiting to hear the emotional announcement of the race results. Another tip for visitors: during the festival, delicious Täschalp cheeses will be available to buy.

Included in the package: 

  • Taxi from Täsch to Täschalp (09:30 hrs from the Täsch tourism office / Täschhorn) 
  • Risotto and a piece of cake 

The Täschalp Älplerfest visitor package can be booked for Sunday 28 July 2019