Randa toboggan run

The toboggan run in Randa is ideal for families with children. Located in the heart of the village, it requires no great physical effort: the slope is gentle, not too long and not too steep.

  • Type Tobogganing
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 0,05 h
  • Distance 0,2 km
  • Ascent 0 m
  • Descent 29 m
  • Lowest point 1410 m
  • Highest point 1439 m


This sledge run is also suitable for smaller children. The gradient is moderate, and parents have an overview of the whole slope. A real treat for youngsters, to the delight of the grown-ups.
From the village down to the railway station
We recommend:
  • Toboggan
  • Warm winter clothing with gloves and hat
  • Warm, waterproof footwear
  • Helmet, where appropriate
Also very suitable for families with small children since the terrain is not at all steep.


Additional information and recommendations are available from the guest information centre at Randa station.

  • Please be considerate to others on the toboggan run.
  • Adapt riding and speed to your ability and the conditions.
  • Small children must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Do not leave the marked trails.
  • It is forbidden to toboggan on the ski pistes.

Map and arrival