Randa Fitness Trail

The fitness trail leads through the forest area along the Wildibach river between Täsch and Randa. The route is shady.

  • Type Jogging
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 2,30 h
  • Distance 2,5 km
  • Ascent 37 m
  • Descent 53 m
  • Lowest point 1425 m
  • Highest point 1463 m


The fitness trail is an enjoyable fitness circuit for jogging enthusiasts. The lush forest on either side of the Wildibach river offers a beautiful setting for exercise. The route is varied, leading over grass, tree roots and around boulders, stopping at fitness stations at the prettiest locations in the mixed mountain woodland.

  • Grippy trail surface, slippery only in very few places
  • Pleasantly shady

Leads through the forest near the Attermenzen campsite. Starting point is south of the sports field.

Effective distance: approx. 3.1 km

This hike is marked on the signposts as “Vitaparcours”.

We recommend:

  • Suitable footwear
  • Clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof)
  • Plenty to drink
Don’t forget to take along something to drink, since it is certain that you will work up a sweat during one or the other exercise.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains. Appropriate clothing is therefore essential, along with adequate supplies of food and water. In uncertain weather, turn back in good time.
  • Inform others of planned route, and whenever possible avoid going alone.
  • Please be considerate to other walkers and to plants and animals.
  • Take note of the warning signs drawing attention to the constant danger in river beds and along watercourses below dams and reservoirs.

Map and arrival