Trail running

Matterhorn Ultraks Trail "Vertical"

This course represents a thrilling challenge for super-fit runners: 2.3 km long, 655 vertical metres and some tricky terrain. A race for hardened athletes who nonetheless prefer to take care of their joints.

  • Type Trail running
  • Difficulty hard
  • Duration 0,25 h
  • Distance 2,5 km
  • Ascent 655 m
  • Descent 19 m
  • Lowest point 1620 m
  • Highest point 2288 m


The Matterhorn Ultraks Trail races have taken place every August since 2012. The routes are devised so that non-runners also enjoy an impressive spectacle and can cheer on the competitors.

The Vertical course leads from Zermatt up Sunnegga. Whoever reaches the summit is guaranteed a loud cheer!

  • For spectators: exciting viewpoint at Sunnegga
  • For spectators: the cable card leading to the finish line at the summit
  • Option to help as a volunteer

Zermatt - Sunnegga

Distance: 2.3 km
D+ 655 and D- 0

No compulsory equipment specifications are set by the organising committee.


  • Suitable footwear
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • Clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof and long-sleeved shirt)
  • Mobile phone
  • Survival blanket

Refreshment stations are located along the route.

Please observe the Rules & Regulations of the Matterhorn Ultraks.

Map and arrival