Challenge Trail (Nr. 141)

This snowshoe trail leads close to the Gornergrat Bahn railway line from Gornergrat down to Rotenboden. Sparkling snow, sunshine and a magnificent mountain panorama with the Matterhorn promise a memorable hike.

  • Type Snowshoeing
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 1,00 h
  • Distance 1,7 km
  • Ascent 36 m
  • Descent 302 m
  • Lowest point 2815 m
  • Highest point 3089 m


Especially after fresh snowfall, this walk promises pure pleasure. Hikers following the leisurely trail barely notice the descent of about 300 vertical metres, so beautiful are the mountain vistas – taking in the Matterhorn, Klein Matterhorn, Breithorn and other peaks. Railway enthusiasts are also in for a treat, with fine views of the cog trains of the Gornergrat Bahn as they twist prettily and almost silently through the snow-blanketed landscape.

  • From Gornergrat, set off left of the railway line
  • Unusual route away from the ski pistes
  • Pink markers approx. every 100 m along the route
  • Photo subjects: Gornergrat Bahn cog railway and mountain panorama
  • Stay on marked trail to avoid disturbing wildlife
  • Guided tours bookable through Alpin Center

Gornergrat - Rotenboden (on the left side of the railway line)

(Hiking time in reverse direction: approx. 1h 30)

We recommend:

  • Good, waterproof footwear
  • Snowshoes
  • Hiking poles
  • Warm winter clothing appropriate for the weather

If you have not had enough of snowshoe hiking, you can continue along the Panorama Trail to Riffelberg.

  • Plan every mountain tour carefully and adapt to participants’ fitness level as well as the weather and season.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains. Appropriate clothing is therefore essential, along with adequate supplies of food and water. In uncertain weather, turn back in good time.
  • Inform others of planned route, and whenever possible avoid going alone.
  • Do not leave the marked routes.
  • It is forbidden to walk on the ski pistes.
  • Please be considerate to other walkers and to plants and animals.

The snowshoe trails can be tackled without a mountain guide. Beware: they are not prepared in any way and are not controlled daily; nor are they secured from natural hazards such as avalanches or rockfalls. For safety, check the weather forecast and current avalanche bulletin.

All snowshoeing is at one’s own risk.

Map and arrival