Bike-Tour Yo-Yo

This route from Stafel via Kalbermatten and Zmutt to Zermatt is a surprisingly winding single-track trail. There are some extreme sections towards the end, so it's a route that's only suitable for mountain bikers with a head for heights.

  • Type Mountainbiking
  • Difficulty medium
  • Duration 1,00 h
  • Distance 9,3 km
  • Ascent 83 m
  • Descent 680 m
  • Lowest point 1605 m
  • Highest point 2223 m


This trail starts from Stafel and heads via Kalbermatten and Zmutt to the Yo-Yo Trail and on to Zermatt.

After a short section on a gravel road, the trail starts relatively easily after the Zmuttbach towards Kalbermatten. There is a brief section where you need to carry your bike. Once you're past this section, the trail changes dramatically. The landscape around the trail becomes rockier and the path is sometimes so narrow that you have to be careful that you or your bike doesn’t get damaged.

After Zmutt, the route becomes a bit steeper as you get to the tricky Yo-Yo Trail. The last section back to Zermatt goes through a forest and is very smooth and, apart from a few tight corners, quite straightforward. As the name of the trail suggests, there are several short ascents and descents along the way.

Stafel - Chalbermatten - Zmutt - Herbrigg - Bodmen - Zermatt Station

We recommend:

  • Bike in excellent working order
  • Helmet, gloves and bell
  • Clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof)
  • Food and drink

After a few flowy kilometres you reach the hamlet of Zmutt, where a short stop at one of the two restaurants is recommended if you want to indulge yourself culinarily.


Additional information and recommendations are available from the guest information centre on Bahnhofplatz (by the railway station).

  •  Always wear gloves and a helmet.
  • Use marked bike trails and routes only, and observe all signposting. Please close gates after passing through.
  • Please be considerate to walkers and to plants and animals. As a rule, walkers have priority.
  • When planning, take into account participants’ fitness level and ability: some routes lead above 3,000 metres.
  • All riding is at one’s own risk.

Map and arrival