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Furi-Schwarzsee Bike Tour (Nr. 21)

Mountain biking | hard

On this route, the Matterhorn is incredibly close. You can always see the north face of the Matterhorn as the trail heads up to Schwarzsee.

 9,1 km  3,10 h  759 m  39 m

Furi-Stafel (Nr. 122)

Winter hiking | medium

This winter hike from Furi to Stafel is best for early risers as the route is sunniest in the mornings.

 4,9 km  1,40 h  339 m  8 m

Glacier Garden Loop Bike Tour (Nr. 24)

Mountain biking | easy

The Glacier Garden Loop is an ideal beginner's trail and a great way to discover the area around the village. It’s not all about technical sections; instead, the focus is on the enjoyment of biking.

 15,8 km  2,10 h  497 m  497 m

Glacier Garden Trail (Nr. 17)

Theme trail | hard

The Gorner Glacier sculpted this landscape over many millennia. Today, hikers marvel at the polished rocks and boulders, the ice of the glacier that still remains in the valley floor, and the larch trees that are inexorably reconquering the landscape.

 6,2 km  1,50 h  38 m  753 m

Gornergrat Classic Bike Tour (Nr. 1)

Mountain biking | hard

Here, one highlight is quickly followed by another - first, you enjoy the fantastic views on the Gorner Glacier, then admire the reflection of the Matterhorn in the Riffelsee. You pass these natural wonders on flowy and technical trails – guaranteed fun and an unforgettable adventure.

 11,7 km  0,40 h  6 m  1491 m

Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon

Trail running | hard

The Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon is one of the finest running events in the Alps. Start in St. Niklaus, finish in Zermatt – with the option of racing all the way to the top of the Gornergrat.

 41,9 km  5,5 h  1840 m  405 m

Gourmet Trail (Nr. 6)

Hiking trail | medium

Anyone visiting Zermatt for the first time will marvel at the Gourmetweg (Gourmet Path), which leads past numerous mountain restaurants with a global reputation.

 9 km  2,25 h  3 m  690 m

Gross Kastel (Nr. 63)

Mountain trail | hard

The hike leads up a lesser-known mountain, the Gross Kastel (2,830 m). Beautiful view of the Bis Glacier and its crevasses.

 6,2 km  3,40 h  1428 m  7 m

Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt

Skitouring | medium

An absolute ski tour classic. Over 5-6 days, from one mountaineering centre to another.

 94,3 km  50,0 h  6700 m  8345 m

High-Altitude Trail

Multi-day hike | hard

The Höhenweg (high-altitude trail) brings hikers to the most beautiful locations in the mountains around Zermatt. Highlights include Höhbalmen and Gornergrat, where the Alpine views seem to go on for ever.

 89,3 km  32,10 h  5749 m  5921 m

Hörnli Trail (Nr. 27)

Alpine trail | hard

This trail leads to what is probably the key location in Zermatt, the Hörnli Hut at the foot of the Matterhorn. Historically this has been the heart of all the action, and remains so today.

 4,3 km  2,15 h  693 m  13 m

Kalbermatten-YoYo Bike Tour (Nr. 3)

Mountain biking | medium

This route from Schwarzsee via Kalbermatten and Zmutt to Zermatt is a surprisingly winding single-track trail. There are some extreme sections towards the end, so it's a route that's only suitable for mountain bikers with a head for heights.

 12,7 km  1,10 h  41 m  1022 m

Kelle-Lauberen Bike Tour (Nr. 2)

Mountain biking | hard

This route is suitable for experienced mountain bikers, as the single-track path winds its way down some steep slopes and includes a few serpentines. It is one of the most difficult routes in the destination Zermatt – Matterhorn. If you are brave enough to take your eyes off the trail for a second, you’ll see some stunning views.

 8,9 km  0,35 h  72 m  1326 m

Kickbike on Sunnegga

Cycling | medium

Kickbike, that’s the thrilling ride from Sunnegga down to the village of Zermatt. The wind in your hair, spectacular scenery: this is outdoor adventure at its best.

 7,2 km  0,45 h  152 m  821 m