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Bike tour Kelle (Nr. 2)

Mountainbiking | hard

This route is suitable for experienced mountain bikers, as the single-track path winds its way down some steep slopes and includes a few serpentines. It is one of the most difficult routes in the destination Zermatt – Matterhorn. If you are brave enough to take your eyes off the trail for a second, you’ll see some stunning views.

 8,8 km  0,35 h  72 m  1326 m

Bike tour Matterhorn Valley Trail (Nr. 20)

Mountainbiking | medium

Accompanied by changing but still fascinating views along with the wild waters of the Vispa or the snow-capped mountain peaks – this is the new bike trail from Zermatt to Visp. It is suitable for all bike riders who are enthusiastic about nature and really like a somewhat technically difficult but still a bit longer tour.

 37,4 km  3,30 h  119 m  1076 m

Bike tour Panorama Bike (Nr. 28)

Mountainbiking | easy

This route starts on the Gornergrat (3,089 m). The first 1,500 metres takes you into the village and along the way, you’ll find mountain lakes, local animals (marmots and blacknose sheep) and top restaurants.

 11,5 km  1,5 h  152 m  990 m

Bike tour Rothorn - Zermatt (Nr. 22)

Mountainbiking | easy

What a run! The downhill from Rothorn to Zermatt entails a vertical drop of 1,678 m. You ride on the gravel path, not the single trails.

 13,3 km  0,25 h  6 m  1501 m

Bike tour Stafel - Schönbielhütte (Nr. 26)

Mountainbiking | hard

The Schönbielhütte is a popular starting point for hiking tours in the area. However, it’s much easier to reach by bike, rather than on foot. The view from the hut of the north face of the Matterhorn is amazing.

 6,3 km  1,40 h  518 m  22 m

Bike tour Täsch - Randa - Täsch (Nr. 31)

Mountainbiking | easy

The Täsch - Randa circuit is perfect for the whole family. It leads along the valley floor through forests, along meadows and through typical Valais mountain villages.

 15,4 km  1,45 h  356 m  356 m

Bike tour Täsch - Täschhütte (Nr. 25)

Mountainbiking | hard

The ride up to Täschalp and deep into the valley begins with an ascent of the slopes above Täsch, mostly following small mountain roads. The climb is technically straightforward and boosts fitness.

 10,1 km  3,35 h  1269 m  4 m

Bike tour Trockener Steg - Furi (Nr. 4)

Mountainbiking | hard

This fantastic Alpine trail starts at almost 3,000 metres above sea level. You need to be an experienced mountain biker to do this one.

 7,7 km  0,30 h  17 m  1066 m

Blauherd - Fluhalp

Winter hiking | easy

The winter walk from Blauherd to Fluhalp (theme trail "Surviving of the animals in winter") is perfect for soaking up the sun.

 2,2 km  1,0 h  116 m  72 m

Botanical Trail (Nr. 31)

Theme trail | medium

Edelweiss, gentian, different orchids: numerous rare alpine flowers grow along this botanical path. Depending on the course of the weather, the blossoms along this trail can change quickly, to the delight of nature lovers.

 3,9 km  2,10 h  868 m  144 m

Breithorn ascent

Alpine tour | medium

The Breithorn (4,164 m), with its many summits, is a strong, glaciered mountain crest. The normal climb is considered as one of the easiest routes for climbing a four-thousand metre mountain.

 5,4 km  3,30 h  374 m  375 m

Challenge Trail

Snowshoeing | easy

This snowshoe trail leads close to the Gornergrat Bahn railway line from Gornergrat down to Rotenboden. Sparkling snow, sunshine and a magnificent mountain panorama with the Matterhorn promise a memorable hike.

 1,7 km  1,0 h  36 m  302 m

Chamois Trail (Nr. 5)

Regional hiking trail | medium

The Chamois Trail offers walkers a good chance of spotting these beautiful wild animals.

 5,8 km  1,50 h  42 m  918 m