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Cross (Nr. 65)

Hiking trail | medium

This varied walk leading past the hamlet of Wildi reveals measures local people have taken to protect themselves from nature, which can often show her wilder side.

 4,3 km  1,45 h  394 m  396 m

Crystal Trail (Nr. 7)

Mountain trail | medium

This path leads to many of the highlights of the Zermatt mountains. Delightful sights include the reflection of the Matterhorn in the surface of the Stellisee lake.

 5,4 km  1,45 h  51 m  570 m

Culture Trail (Nr. 36)

Theme trail | medium

History fans can follow the traces of rural life in Zermatt on this hike. There are various stations along the themed trail that detail exciting stories from the past. 

 9,2 km  4,0 h  362 m  362 m

Direttissima (Nr. 4)

Hiking trail | medium

Yes, this path leads straight down to the village – as the name suggests.

 4,5 km  1,20 h  3 m  617 m

Dirt Scooters on Schwarzsee

Cycling | medium

Dirt Scooter riding in Zermatt: high thrills at the foot of the north face of the Matterhorn. These scooters with super-fat tyres are perfect for riding the lanes leading through Zermatt’s alpine pastures. Fun for all the family!

 12,7 km  1,20 h  36 m  987 m

Discovery Trail (Nr. 145)

Snowshoeing | medium

The tour leads through a Swiss stone pine forest, where these ancient, gnarled trees along with larches line the snowshoe path. The objective is to find the Findeln hamlet, which is famous for its mountain restaurant and its inviting sunny terraces.

 3,8 km  1,30 h  85 m  256 m

Dom Ascent

Alpine tour | hard

The Dom, at 4,545 m, is the highest mountain located completely within Switzerland. This majestic mountain is part of the Mischabel group. The starting point of this tour is the Dom Hut at 2,940 m.

 11,1 km  9,30 h  1574 m  1574 m

Drover Trail (Nr. 25)

Mountain trail | hard

This hike of some eight kilometres is tough, either way round. As a descent, it puts quite a strain on the knees; anyone hiking it uphill, starting from Furi, is sure to sleep soundly that night. Walked in either direction, the trail promises fabulous views and a wonderful experience.

 7,6 km  2,30 h  171 m  1228 m


Skitouring | hard

The ultimate ski tour. A long ascent up to the highest point in Switzerland with an even longer descent surrounded by Alpine giants back to Zermatt.

 22,3 km  9,0 h  1749 m  3017 m

Edelweiss Trail (Höhbalmen) (Nr. 30)

Mountain trail | hard

Every mountain hiker dreams of spotting edelweiss in the alpine pastures. Here that dream comes true. Along this trail, walkers even spot these beautiful flowers at eye level. The walk leads to one of the finest vantage points in the Zermatt region.

 20,7 km  7,30 h  1195 m  1195 m

Europa Trail

Multi-day hike | hard

The Europa Trail between Grächen and Zermatt is considered by many to be the most beautiful 2-day hike in the Alps. The views along this mountain panorama including the Matterhorn are famous around the world.

 33,4 km  13,30 h  2550 m  1882 m

Family Trail (Nr. 134)

Snowshoeing | easy

This snowshoe trail is an excellent choice for families. It is not too long, technically not challenging and not far from civilisation. It goes through a light forest where something can be seen time and again. 

 3,6 km  2,0 h  117 m  180 m

Flower Trail (Nr. 3)

Theme trail | medium

This walk is a real treat for anyone who loves flowers. Depending on the season, walkers may see blossoming edelweiss and gentian as well as many other alpine flowers.

 4,6 km  1,20 h  76 m  363 m

Furi Suspension Bridge Trail (Nr. 17a)

Theme trail | easy

The suspension footbridge soars 90 vertical metres above the Gornerschlucht gorge. The view down to the foaming water of the Gornera river reveals the tremendous natural forces at work.

 2,9 km  1,0 h  175 m  174 m