Breithorn ascent (4'164m)


The Breithorn is the easiest four thousand-metre peak to climb in the Alps. Standing on a four thousand-metre mountain – that is for many a long-cherished dream. So that the mountain adventure is enjoyed in many different ways, it is a good thing to have a few tips, because one is active in high-Alpine terrain and crossing glaciers and eternal snowfields.

Whoever once reaches the summit of the Breithorn is first amazed by the light conditions: the heavens are a much deeper blue than at lower altitudes. It seems as if one’s head were in outer space with a doll’s house called Zermatt at one’s foot. Added to this is an incomparable mountain panorama, naturally with a view of the Matterhorn at eye level.

Climbing the Breithorn can either by done with a private mountain guide or by booking a climb in a group. The ascent and descent in snow and ice with crampons are suitable for experienced mountain hikers and last about 3 to 4 hours depending on the conditions. So that the climb is enjoyable, being in good physical condition and acclimated to high altitude are requirements. It is also recommended that one travel to Zermatt early in order to make plans for a sufficiently large window of time and to undertake easier mountain hikes. This makes it possible to remain flexible and able to respond to differing weather conditions.

The offer may be booked by anyone twelve or older. It is important to get into contact with the Alpine Center three days in advance:

Genossenschaft Alpin Center Zermatt
3920 Zermatt
+41 (0) 27 966 24 60

This offer is a weather-dependent programme. There is a possibility that it may be postponed in case of bad weather. The booking may not be cancelled.


You must have the following with you for climbing the Breithorn:

  • climbing boots suitable for use with crampons
  • climbing harness
  • crampons
  • 1 ski pole
  • warm weatherproof clothing (pullover, jacket, long johns)
  • warm full-fingered gloves and hat
  • hat for sun protection, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • thermos flask (approx. 1 litre capacity)
  • packed lunuch (high energy foods such as chocolate, dried fruit, dextrose, etc.)
  • backpack

Crampons, climbing harness and helmet can be rented the day before the ascent in an on-site sports shop:


Taking out insurance (accident, evacuation insurance for accidents, etc.) is the responsibility of each participant.

Travel to Matterhorn glacier paradise

The gondola ride to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is not included in this offer. This must be purchased onsite at one of the following sales locations:

  • Zermatt Tourism
  • Zermatt Bergbahnen AG

Those who have a card for Swiss Railway discounts (general railway pass, HalbTax, Swiss Pass, etc.) and Children aged 15 and below are eligible for a 50% reduction.


  • The offer is only available during the summer season.
  • The printed voucher must be handed over on site when taking advantage of this offer.