Virtual assistant welcomes visitors to Zermatt Tourism


Since 28 August 2019, a virtual assistant has been sitting alongside visitor advisors in Zermatt Tourism’s ticket hall, ready to answer visitors’ questions. A trail-blazing project.

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"There has never been anything like this before in tourism", says Christian Ziörjen, head of Zermatt Tourism’s Destinations Service. By this he means the new "visitor advisor", Alexa, a virtual assistant, which has been positioned in Zermatt Tourism’s ticket hall since 28 August 2019. With this trail-blazing project, Zermatt Tourism wants to exploit new digital opportunities, move with the times and show itself to be innovative.

Complements advice to visitors

"In no way does the assistant replace the staff who advise visitors, it complements them", maintains Christian Ziörjen. Alexa cannot give advice, for example, but only call up information. She can easily answer questions such as "Where is the best place for a photo of the Matterhorn?", "How much does a trip on the Gornergrat railway cost?", "What is there to do in Zermatt?" or "Which restaurants can you recommend?" She also asks the visitor questions to limit the results.

In addition to the information, Alexa also introduces a fun factor. Visitors can playfully discuss the destination, so that even visitor information becomes an experience.

Foreign languages

At present Alexa only understands German. Other languages will soon be added, however. Online marketing agency Speed U Up, which has already made a name for itself in the past with pioneering digital projects for various tourism destinations, is responsible for development and installation.