New: The Matterhorn Blog – A View of Life at the Foot of the Matterhorn


Be there, take part, share experiences – this is now possible with the Matterhorn Blog. In the blog, the locals have their say as they report about working and living in their world at the foot of the Matterhorn. Occasionally, guest authors will also have a word.

The adage is: read and “meet the locals.” The Zermatt - Matterhorn destination is full of exciting stories. Not every guest has the possibility to experience first-hand what it is like to live at the foot of the Matterhorn. But now that will change: The story telling takes place in the newly created information channel, the Matterhorn Blog. Here locals report about matters in their lives. Author teams write about those things they experience daily in nature, the village and with guests: mountains, food and dining, culture, news as well as tourism.

The reporting people are persons who all make Zermatt – Matterhorn their home, where they can meet the entire world. Bloggers also make it possible to gain insight into the mountain world of the solitary and barren four-thousand metre peaks surrounding Zermatt.

Multilingual Worlds

The blog entries appear every three to six days. Most of the texts are in German, but there are also events and adventures to be read in English, French, Japanese, Italian or other languages. This mirrors the multi-lingual nature of social media.

One can read about the experience of a Matterhorn trek, a long-distance hiking tour around the Matterhorn. Or the world of the Zermatt heroes of the sky – those pilots and mountain rescuers who are part of the Air Zermatt helicopter company. There are also views into the world of the local hikers, mountain bikers, hoteliers and chefs. Thus locals, who live there, as well as newer arrivals, who are fascinated by the Matterhorn and work here, have a say about their traditions and their roots here – for years or generations.


And sometimes, a professional might have a word – bloggers and journalists, who visit Zermatt. Or guests, who see the Matterhorn for the first time. Regular readers will feel at home in Zermatt.


Matterhorn Blog