Zermatt informs about the current situation


Since Saturday evening, 20th January 2018, Zermatt is no longer accessible. Due to avalanche risk, the road and the railway line between Zermatt and Täsch are closed. There is no danger for guests and locals.

Zermatt is currently not accessible by road nor by train. This is due to the large amounts of snow and avalanche risk, which make the use of the road and the railway line dangerous. The street Zermatt - Täsch was closed on Saturday evening, 20th January 2018 at 8 pm. At 10 pm the railway service between Zermatt and Täsch was closed, too.

Already on Saturday afternoon, Zermatt Tourism informed guests about the high probability of a new closing of road and train. Therefore, guests with important appointments had the opportunity to depart or arrive early.

Around 9’000 guests are currently spending their holiday in Zermatt. The situation in the village is calm. Concerning to the security service of the community of Zermatt there is no danger for guests and locals.

The WSL Snow and Avalanche Research SLF classifies the region at danger level 4, which is the second highest level. Skiing and winter walking is only possible with restrictions.

The duration of the closing of road and train is not yet known. If the weather allows it, Air Zermatt arranges shuttle flights up from Sunday 21st January, at 12.00 pm between Zermatt and Täsch.

Travelling guests are asked to get in contact with their hotels or apartment owners. There is the possibility to make a stop in bigger cities such as Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva or Lausanne and to wait for a change of the situation.

Already one and a half weeks ago, Zermatt was not accessible for nearly two days. The village is prepared for such cases and has enough supplies.

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Zermatt informs about the current situation

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