The World’s Largest Igloo is at Zermatt


It is now official: The largest igloo in the world is in Zermatt. It was built in January by a team of 18 people. The diameter is 13 metres and the interior height is 10.5 metres. Since 30 January 2016, it is now clear: This is in the Guinness Book of Records.

The jury of the Guinness World Record team was very precise. Everything was measured and surveyed. Around 1,400 snow blocks each weighing up to 40 kilogrammes were used for the construction of the igloo, which required around 2,000 working hours.
Adrian Günter, the initiator of the project, said: “The good planning and the terrific collaboration within the team contributed to the success of the world record.” Grünter is also the founder of the Igloo Villages in Europe, one of which is that above Zermatt at Rotenboden (2,727 m). The Igloo Villages are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2016.  
With the new world record dimensions, the Zermatt world record igloo with a calibre of 12.90 m surpassed the dome igloo built in Austria. 


Igloos and Transience

There is a lounge inside the world record igloo above Zermatt. In addition, the snow artists have adorned the inside walls. The igloo will remain standing until spring of 2016 and can be viewed or let out for events.
However, he intensive Zermatt spring sun will also melt this world record igloo. Beginning in early summer, it will therefore be another part of the past history of the destination.
The Igloo Village is located on the edge of the Gornergrat piste. To reach it, travel to the Rotenboden station with the Gornergrat Bahn. It is a 15-minute walk from Rotenboden (2,815 m). On skis, it is much shorter, reachable on piste number 37.


Zermatt Igloo Village

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