Spy Thriller is Set in Zermatt


The BBC spy thriller “The Night Manager” is a part of television spy series produced and set in part in Zermatt. Among the participating actors is Hugh Laurie known for playing the title role in Dr. House. The series will now be broadcast also in Switzerland.

The locations in Zermatt: the Riffelalp Resort, Chalet Hotel Schönegg, the mountain world surrounding the Matterhorn. With local support from the Air Zermatt, Gornergrat Bahn and Delta Peak Filmproduktion. In the Schönegg, the paths of Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston, villain in “Thor”) crosses with the leading actress Angela Burr (Olivia Colman). Richard Onslow Roper is the main character (Hugh Laurie, Dr. House in the TV series) in the series.

Good and Evil Before an Alpine Backdrop

Based on the John le Carré novel “The Night Manager”, this British-American thriller mini-series deals with intelligence services, arms trafficking, good and evil, all of which is naturally beautifully staged. The plot is no longer set in the Cold War period but rather in the present including the Arabic Spring Uprising in Cairo.

The evil Jonathan Pine works in Zermatt, which is why one scene was filmed in the Chalet Hotel Schönegg. Hotel manager Sebastian Metry said “the TV crew and the actors were in the hotel for an entire day. We were amazed how quietly and efficiently everything was carried out in a tightly organised and professional way. The atmosphere was one of extreme concentration.” The filming took place in autumn 2015.


Information regarding the emission

Switzerland: SRF 1 shows «The Night Manager» as Free-TV-Premiere in German/English
On Saturdays from 27 August 2016 on, 22 h 45, SRF 1

Germany: ZDF shows «The Night Manager» in German dubbed version and the original English version.
On Mondays from 29 August 2016 on, 22 h 15, ZDF

Austria: ORF 1 shows «The Night Manager» in German/English.
28 August 2016, 22 h 10, ORF 1
04 September 2016, 22 h 30, ORF 1
11 September 2016, 22 h 10, ORF 1


The Night Manager on BBC
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