New Bike Trail: The “Moos Trail”


The new Moos Trail above Zermatt offers pleasure riding along an easy mountain bike flow trail. It goes along smooth riding curves through the airy larch wood forest in the Moos area and down to the end of the village of Zermatt.

People who ride mountain bikes enjoy doing things during an adventure while riding together with friends, and this adds a very special touch to a holiday experience. This mountain bike flow trail is suitable for individuals and groups with a mix of stronger and weaker riders. Since the average drop of the new Moos Trail is only about eight percent, one has the feeling of being on a simple flow country trail.

Simplest Mountain Bike Trail in Switzerland

The Zermatt planners were advised by the top biker Diddie Schneider. Together, they created a bike trail, which is never steep, never dangerous and never extreme. Thus, Zermatt has the easiest bike trail in Switzerland.
The trail is marked from the Bahnhofplatz. From the Matterhorn glacier paradise valley station, the gondola goes to Furi with the bike. For there, signs are available to get to the start of the trail (signs in place from the end of August 2016).


Moos Trail Information

Length 1.3 km
Altitude 95 m
Start and end at Schweigmatten a little below Furi
Restaurant Alm – trial end: Moos area
Suitable for families for children older than 5
Difficulty marked blue (simple)
Official opening 27 August 2016 (additional information later)