Exhibition about fourteen courageous female mountain climbers on the Matterhorn


In 1871, six years after the tragic first ascent, 34-year old Lucy Walker was the first woman to reach the summit of the Matterhorn. The pop-up exhibition in the Shelter on the Gornergrat tells her story and that of adventurous alpinists from around the world who have climbed the mountain of mountains since then.

Some of the first women achieved something that is still utterly incredible today - for example, in 1921 the young Zermatter Josephina Aufdenblatten and Martha Inderbinen climbed the Matterhorn on their first mountain tour – on her brother’s rope. In 1932, Frenchwoman Alice Damesme and American Miriam O’Brien were the first female roped party to climb the world-famous mountain. One woman even managed something that nobody else has - Géraldine Fasnacht, from Romandy, flew to the summit in a wingsuit in 2014.

Fourteen pioneers

From 29 June to 27 October 2019, the "Matterhorn Ladies" exhibition on the Gornergrat will tell the stories of fourteen pioneers from three different centuries and countries around the world. There will be photos and drawings, books, items and pieces of equipment. Life-size figures of the Matterhorn Ladies will point the way from the Riffelberg to the exhibition in the Shelter.


"Matterhorn Ladies" is the fourth pop-up project by the Swiss Alpine Museum on the Gornergrat. It is the result of close cooperation with the Zermatt Open Air Theatre, the Gornergrat Bahn and the Zermatt Civic Community’s Cultural and Social Foundation.


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