Zermatt Unplugged in your home


Due to the fact that the Zermatt Unplugged cannot be held as planned, the organizers are using online channels to bring the music to their fans.

On Tuesday 14 April 2020, the music festival Zermatt Unplugged would have started. But it would not be the Zermatt Unplugged if it had been cancelled without replacement. Instead of concerts on huge stages, you’ll meet artists in an intimate setting from Tuesday to Saturday.

At Home With: TAKEOVER

Each day, an artist is taking over the Instagram Stories of the festival and letting you into their everyday life. There is also going to be a live concert at 18:30 hrs. Song requests are welcome.

At Home With: SESSIONS

Some of the artists who would have played in Zermatt this week recorded some songs at home instead. Among them James Morrison or Jake Isaac. You can see the results on Facebook and Instagram.

Zermatt Unplugged Channel

Many great artists have been part of the festival so far. To ensure that these moments are not forgotten, the Zermatt Unplugged Channel on Teleboy shows film material from past years.

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