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Newly confirmed for Zermatt Unplugged 2019 are Boy George & Culture Club and James Bay in the Marquee Stage; Tom Odell, Michael Kiwanuka, Jacob Banks and Milow at The Alex; Tom Rosenthal and Alex Clare at the Sunnegga Sessions; and Charlie Cunningham, L'aupaire, Hugo Barriol, Jack and the Weatherman, and Isaac Gracie at the Vernissage. This completes the programme on the main stages.

From April 9 to 13, 2019, Zermatt will be transformed into a musical hotspot. The five-day festival Zermatt Unplugged with its mixture of acoustic music, lifestyle, and pleasure is not only a fixture in the calendar for fans of unadulterated sound, the artists have also made a name for themselves in the unique festival and are committed the unplugged experiment.

Big bands refined to the essence of their musical creation

One of them is Boy George & Culture Club, the British band, which has reunited with original members. Their new album Life, which blends soul and reggae rock, Britpop and acid jazz, has totally surprised critics. For Zermatt Unplugged, they will usher in a specially rehearsed acoustic set and give it their best on Marquee Stage on Thursday. James Bay, the English folk artist with the bluesy falsetto voice, has made an amazing transformation with his second album Electric Light. Zermatt will definitely be a special experience for the singer of Hold Back the River and his fans. It will bring the old and new, more experimental James Bay to a musical synthesis. With Michael Kiwanuka, Zermatt Unplugged welcomes one of the best soul musicians of the modern age. In early 2019 Kiwanuka opens for Mumford & Sons in Australia. Immediately following this tour, the stage at The Alex belongs entirely to a gifted musician who knows how to create something unique with minimalism and standards like no other. For those who love the playful side of life, for its melancholy and beauty, visit the Sunnegga Session with British singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal, who appears in Switzerland for the first time. The brand-new album von Alex Clare, Three Days at Greenmount, combines his best songs, which reveal their true soul acoustically in a minimalist guise, just as Alex Clare loves them most and celebrates with his audience at the unplugged concert at the Sunnegga Sessions on Thursday. Like Clare, British singer-songwriter Tom Odell also returns to Zermatt Unplugged. In 2014, the musician performed a concert in a class of its own. The occasion for his return to Zermatt Unplugged is Tom Odell's latest work Jubilee Road. There are two things in the life of musician Jacob Banks that have broken his heart but also paved his way: the early death of his best friend, who encouraged him to make music, and the songs of Al Green from the soundtrack Book of Eli with Denzel Washington. Eight years later, Jacob Banks himself is behind the music of a film with the Oscar winner. For his concert, seating is being set up for the first time in The Alex. The audience will also experience the concert of Milow seated. Milow and Zermatt Unplugged – that's the story of a long friendship. This is not surprising since the artist's creativity is inextricably linked to the acoustic performance. He will perform on Friday in trio at The Alex.

Tranquil sounds in the Winkelmatten chapel, jazz in Mont Cervin Palace, and Breaking Acts in the Vernissage

From Silence is the essence of Bruno Bieri & Lionius Treikauskas. In the Winkelmatten chapel the musicians make the silence audible with their voice, cello, hand pan, and alphorn. As a prelude to the concert, there is a reception with mulled wine around the campfire. If you want to call it a night in comfort and cosiness, you can book a ticket that includes a 4-course menu after the concert.

From 3’030 m down to 1’608 m, Ronnie Scott’s All Stars bring their Extreme Jazz from the Gandegghütte to the village. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Ronnie Scott's in London, we are opening the first jazz club at Mont Cervin Palace. During Blue Notes and enthralling jazz sessions, an excellent 3-course dinner is served in exquisite atmosphere.

The stage at the vernissage belongs to exciting international Breaking Acts. In 2019, Charlie Cunningham, L'aupaire,Hugo Barriol, Jack and the Weatherman and Isaac Gracie, will perform. After the concerts, the club becomes a party venue with hip DJs like Kellerkind, Jiggler, Sam Shure or Niko Schwind.


Tickets for concerts and packages are available at www.zermatt-unplugged.ch.

New partners EAT.ch, Mont Cervin Palace, Volvo Cars

Zermatt Unplugged is pleased that EAT.ch, Mont Cervin Palace, and Volvo Cars are new co-partners for the 2019 edition. EAT.ch, the leading Swiss online ordering platform for food delivery services, fits perfectly with the values of pleasure, quality, and Swissness of Zermatt Unplugged. EAT.ch will operate a chalet in the Taste Village and take guests on a culinary journey. Hospitality comes first for the second new partner, Mont Cervin Palace. The hotel in the heart of Zermatt ensures well-being with the highest standards for artists, guests, and partners. Volvo Cars stands for safety, a Swedish interpretation of luxury, and Scandinavian design. With innovative technologies, Volvo Cars brings the automobile in best possible harmony with the environment. Volvo ensures that all artists arrive safely and at ease to the festival.

The first edition of Zermatt Unplugged took place in 2007 as a singer-songwriter festival. In the meantime, more than 80 concerts are held on 14 stages over five days, spread throughout the village and on the mountain, and the festival has become a fixture in the European music scene. World stars in an intimate setting, pared to musical essence, promising newcomers and hip DJs in front of an incomparable backdrop: The programme is versatile and top-class and offers a platform for top international artists as well as numerous rising newcomers with extraordinary acoustic shows. The mixture of acoustic music, the impressive mountain landscape, the most beautiful spring snow, Zermatt hospitality, and the incomparable atmosphere on the Matterhorn make the festival a unique overall experience.

Programme Main Stages Zermatt Unplugged 2019

Tuesday, April 9, 2019:

Passenger, Marquee Stage
Sophie Hunger, The Alex
Charlie Cunningham, Vernissage

Wednesday, April 10, 2019:

Francis Cabrel, Marquee Stage
Tom Odell, The Alex
L’aupaire, Vernissage

Thursday, April 11, 2019:

Boy George & Culture Club, Marquee Stage
Johannes Oerding, The Alex
Jacob Banks, The Alex
Alex Clare, Sunnegga Sessions
Hugo Barriol, Vernissage

Friday, April 12, 2019:

James Bay, Marquee Stage
Michael Kiwanuka, The Alex
Milow, The Alex
Roo Panes, Sunnegga Sessions (Sold Out)
Jack and the Weatherman, Vernissage

Saturday, April 13, 2019:

Jessie J, Marquee Stage
Samy Deluxe, The Alex (Sold Out)
Tom Rosenthal, Sunnegga Sessions
Isaac Gracie, Vernissage


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