Bäckerei Fuchs: alpine herb products and festival plans for Zermatt bakery


Bäckerei Fuchs has several innovations in the pipeline. One new development will incorporate local alpine herbs from Zermatt and especially from the Gornergrat in existing products. And the bakery is also planning a new event: the Cremeschnitten Festival.

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Europe’s highest alpine garden will be created on the Gornergrat near the Rotenboden station in late summer 2023. This is one of the most species-rich areas for flora in the Swiss Alps. You can enjoy a taste of what is to come in the new alpine garden in the Findler bread or in the Génépi cake produced by Bäckerei Fuchs. These products feature various native alpine herbs such as caraway or alpine wormwood, which grow in the alpine garden and give the baked goods a unique taste. In addition, the Findler bread is now sold in a special bread bag, produced in collaboration with the Gornergrat Railway for its 125th anniversary. 

New event planned

The Bäckerei Fuchs is also planning a “Cremeschnitten Festival” in the summer of 2023. This culinary event will focus entirely on the popular local cream slice delicacy. A wide variety of cream slices will be produced in unusual flavours and interesting colours. Indulgence guaranteed for those with a sweet tooth!