Mountain Guide from Täsch Reaches the Summit of Mount Everest


The Täsch mountain guide and expedition leader Klaus Tscherrig stood atop the summit of Mount Everest (8,820 m) with Sherpa and two of his long-time guests on 27 May 2017. This means that he had completed the "Seven Summits".

"We reached the summit at 6 o’clock on Saturday morning," says the mountain guide Klaus Tscherrig. As was expected, the weather was bad – with snowfall and fog, as the local Walliser Bote newspaper writes. "We stood on the summit in minus 25 degrees for about 20 minutes," explains Tscherrig. The group around mountain guide and expedition leader, Klaus Tscherrig, started the expedition on 12 April. The approach to the summit was made from the Tibetan side.

This effort means that Klaus Tscherrig has completed the "Seven Summits". Only 10 Swiss mountaineers have been able to climb these seven magic peaks (Africa: Kibo 5,895 m; Antarctica: Mount Vinson 4,892 m; Asia: Mount Everest 8,848 m; Oceania: Carstensz Pyramide 4,884 m; Europe: Elbrus 5,642 m; North America: Denali 6,190 m; South America: Aconcagua 6,962 m). Also Tscherrigs long-time guest Mark Ineichen, member of the Yeti-Club of Zermatt has now accomplished the "Seven Summits".

Mountain Guide and Tour Guide

Klaus Tscherrig has been a mountain guide for 25 years. He is also a member of the Mountain Guide Association in the Zermatt Alpine Center, the mountain guide office in the Zermatt – Matterhorn resort. He has taken care of his regular guests for decades. In winter, Tscherrig is also underway as a mountain guide and expedition leader on the highest peaks and snow slopes throughout the entire world. With this achievement, Klaus Tscherrig demonstrates the highest Alpine competence. And in November 2017 it will be the Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) and in June 2018 the Elbrus.


Zermatt Alpin Center

Klaus Tscherrig, mountain guide