Lara Gut faces the media in Zermatt


The Swiss ski racer, Lara Gut, is back after a six-month injury break. She was drawn to Zermatt to take her first turns on snow. Here she also answered questions from journalists.

It was early September, before the ski star Lara Gut dared to get on skis again. She injured her knee in St. Moritz last February. The result was a six-month injury break. She is now back and takes her first turns on the pistes in Zermatt.

She told the media on 26 September 2017 that she had been a bit nervous when she traveled up to the Klein Matterhorn at the beginning of September. "But after a couple of turns, everything seemed to be as natural as anything in the world." Skiing is and remains her passion.

Lara Gut often comes to Zermatt to ski. Because Zermatt – Matterhorn is one of the very few destinations in Europe that guarantees snow 365 days a year. Over 100 teams from 22 nations train in the summer ski area. They all train on the same pistes that are also open for tourists.

And why is it worthwhile to come to Zermatt according to Lara Gut? The winner of the 2015/2016 World Cup names the Matterhorn as her first reason. Also, it is beautiful that Zermatt is car-free. And naturally, she values the fact that one can ski throughout the entire year. "If you would like to see athletes, then you have to come to Zermatt in the summer. You could certainly meet a few top athletes here," she says with a laugh before the camera.

Lara Gut has had an even stronger bond with Zermatt since December 2015. That is when she became a godmother to the 6-seat Hirli chairlift, which is directly under the Matterhorn.