Zermatt Unplugged picks up the baton at the Diner's Club


Two years ago the Diner's Club restaurant took the brave step into the world of gourmet theatre – and the next collaboration is now on the cards.

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Over the past two years local and international artists, musicians and performers – as well as magicians – have all shared the stage at the Diner's Club. In winter 2022/2023, the popular music festival Zermatt Unplugged will now pick up the baton by opening the famous red velvet curtain for selected artists on specific dates. The Vernissage and Diner's Club team powered by After Seven will once again be on hand with their spoons and shakers.

Party goers can get excited too: for one month in February 2023 the doors will be opened each Friday and Saturday and the bass will be on full blast at the Vernissage Art Gallery. For one month – a night club – Vernissage Zermatt!