Hotel Hemizeus renovations


Renovation work on Hotel Hemizeus is set to begin on 20 April 2020. The roof and one apartment will be fully renovated.

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Hotel Hemizeus was built in 1975 and comprises three buildings, two of which were renovated in recent years. Renovation work on the main building is expected to start on 20 April 2020. The comprehensive work will include the exterior, some of the windows and the roof. Solar panels will also be installed on the new roof.


As part of the renovation, a luxury top-floor apartment will be created, offering space for nine people with four double bedrooms and one single bedroom. Guests will have stunning views of the Matterhorn from the living and dining area. Refurbishments will also include a separate office space and a new reception area in the hotel entrance as well as a new double room. Work is scheduled to last until the end of June 2020.