Creative artists and the CERVO – a love story


Daniel F. Lauber, Founder of CERVO Mountain Resort, has established a new innovative project – "The Cabin Essence – Artists in Residence". The initiative allows artists with different specialisms to focus on new projects and experience the CERVO lifestyle.

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The CERVO is more than a hotel; it’s a lifestyle: a melting pot that embraces the ancient values and culture of the Alps but welcomes modern and international influences. It is a place where guests, staff and local people can interact.

Zermatt has always attracted pioneers, explorers and adventurers. The unique landscape is a source of inspiration and a perfect place to focus on artistic projects.

Beyond Culture expanded with a new project

With this project, CERVO has strengthened and expanded its "Beyond Culture" venture. “With ‘The Cabin Essence’, we want to set new standards and offer aspiring artists a space for their creative work. The CERVO lifestyle should inspire the artists and offer them the perfect setting to turn projects into reality," says founder Daniel F. Lauber.

The artists detail their very personal story and project goal for the planned stay at CERVO when they apply. For the CERVO family, it is important that the artists feel comfortable, can be creative and achieve significant progress towards their goal by the end of the project. The individual projects will be on display at CERVO.