Rules for restaurants

Restaurants, bars and clubs 

For people aged 16 and over, access to the indoor areas of restaurants, bars and clubs where people consume food and drinks on the premises must be restricted to who are vaccinated or recovered (2G).. Operators must also ensure the premises are aired properly.

In restaurants, bars and clubs that limit access to 2G (vaccinated or recovered), guests may only remove their mask at the table and consume while seated.

In restaurants, bars and clubs that limit access to 2G+ (vaccinated/recovered within last 4 months or vaccinated/recovered with negative test), neither the requirement to be seated nor the requirement to wear a mask applies to guests.

For outdoor areas, operators are free to decide whether they wish to impose access restrictions or not. If an operator does not restrict access to outdoor areas, either the requisite distance of 1.5 m must be maintained between guest groups or a barrier must be installed.

Nightclubs and dance venues

The following applies to nightclubs and dance venues: Events where guests dance are only possible if admission is limited to vaccinated or recovered people who also have a certificate for a negative test result (2G+).