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The Great Easter Bunny Search



In the Zermatt – Matterhorn destination, 100 golden Lindt chocolate bunnies are hidden.

Find one of hundred Lindt Gold Bunnies hidden around Zermatt’s ski hotspots and win a two-day skipass for the Matterhorn ski paradise.

You found one of our Lindt Gold Bunnies? Next steps :

1. Take a nice picture about «skiing in Zermatt » including the Lindt Gold Bunny and the Matterhorn.
2. Post it on Instagram using #easterinzermatt.
3. Now you can eat the chocolate bunny…

The best picture wins a two-day skipass for the Matterhorn paradise.

The Lindt Gold Bunny includes a 20% Voucher valid at the Lindt Chocolate Shop in Zermatt.
Good Luck!

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