Viewpoint Le Petit Village at Mürini

The view from the edge of the forest, by the Mürini lane, is breathtaking. The village of Zermatt stretches out below, framed by wooden barns, at the foot of the king of mountains: the Matterhorn.

360° Panorama

From 2004, a new quarter called Le Petit Village grew up west of the Mürini lane, adjacent to the Ried district on the north-eastern edge of Zermatt. The chalets of Le Petit Village all have garlands of lights hanging from their roof gables, producing a scene on winter nights that seems to have come straight from a fairy tale. About 100 m south-east of the chalets, the footpath linking the Wiesti-Strasse road with the Riedweg path leads along Mürini. From the edge of the forest, walkers enjoy a clear view over the village and up to the Matterhorn – a magnificent vista.

  • Photo subject: Matterhorn with village in foreground
  • Sunrise on the Matterhorn: beautiful play of colour
  • Depending on season, play of clouds around the summit of the Matterhorn
  • Matterhorn at twilight
  • Designer chalets at Le Petit Village
  • Near Mürini: collection of eight barns, close to the Mittagstadel road
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