Raphi's Tennis Academy

Kids and adults Tennis courses for (re-) beginners, advanced players and tournament players, as a private-/ group lessons or as a sparring-/trainings partner session. Training in technique and tactics are in the foreground, as well as the introduction and expansion of the single and double game.


  • Summer price: CHF 85.– (60 minutes) *
  • Winter price: CHF 120.– (60 minutes) **

The Tennis Academy consistently relies on the Kids Tennis High School program launched by Swiss Tennis and the "Play & Stay" campaign launched by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) worldwide. Here the children learn the tennis sport in a play-oriented and versatile way.

Rookies (3–6 years)

Our rookies learn the little "Tennis-ABC" with a lot of fun and get a child-friendly start in our sport. In addition, the emphasis is placed on the motor skills. 50 % tennis, 50 % coordination, agility and ball school.

Kids (7–10 years)

Smaller clubs and slower balls with the targeted confinement of the tennis court lead to rapid learning success and a more lively familiarity with the tennis game.

Juniors (11–18 years)

In age- and performance-oriented small groups, our Juniors experience a balanced training. A technical-tactical training is just as important to us as the playing out of points and conveying the joy of playing.

Lessons can be bookes as a group lesson (2–4 children) or as a private lesson (1 child + coach).


Whether in a group course or in private lessons, our training methods ensure optimal learning conditions and a lot of fun on the tennis court. Never played tennis? Get to know the material and the rules and learn the right movements from the ground up. Even advanced players with sophisticated technology and tactics to expand their gaming skills. The player should be adaptable and versatile, that he can make the points more creative and of course always getting better results.

Sparring-/Training Partner (1 adult + coach)

  • Summer price: CHF 60.– (60 minutes) *
  • Winter price: CHF 100.– (60 minutes) **

If you do not have a play or training partner, we can offer you a sparring partner (a coach or one of our high performance players). It's also a great way to get used to a faster and more accurate game of opponents. You can freely decide how the sparring partner should play with you, but there are no bug fixes. But he can suggest you what and what exercises you should do.

Private Lesson (1 adult + coach)

  • Summer price: CHF 95.– (60 minutes) *
  • Winter price: CHF 130.– (60 minutes) **

The private training offers the best possible way to further personal development resp. to deal with their own technique and tactics. The coach can fully concentrate on the player and work very efficiently. It also ensures the most privacy. The private training is also an optimal preparation and / or supplement to the group training.

Group Lesson (max 3 adults)

  • Summer price: CHF 95.– (60 minutes) *
  • Winter price: CHF 130.– (60 minutes) **

In a group (2–3 people) to learn the technique and tactics is enormously fun and gives the opportunity to compare and measure. A good mix of control and running exercises as well as various point games is waiting for them. During the summer season (May–October) we take bookings 24 hours in advance daily from Monday to Sunday. The trainings take place in the Sport Arena Obere Matten.

* The prices are divided among the number of participants and are inclusive of course costs. During the winter season (November–April) we have very limited availability and accept reservations only for early requests. The trainings take place in the tennis hall (1 place) of the Hotel Alex.

** The prices are divided among the number of participants and are inclusive of space costs of CHF 40.–.


Raphael Schwab, +41 79 389 57 16, raphaelschwab@me.com

Joel Imhasly, +41 79 843 45 15, joel.imhasly@hotmail.com



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