Photopoint Views from mountain huts

Mountain refuges in the Alps have an added attraction: alongside accommodation, they offer the chance to take dramatic photographs of the mountain scenery at any time of day or night. At twilight, the colours are especially rich.

Every keen photographer dreams of shooting the ultimate picture of the mountain landscape complete with the drama of sunset and twilight. At mountain huts, guests can take spectacular photos at any hour of the day or night – in comfort, without having to camp out.

Dom hut (2,940 m)
From this refuge, climbers can tackle any of at least seven 4,000-metre peaks: Dom, Dirruhorn, Hohbärghorn, Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Stecknadelhorn, Täschhorn. But the fine views from the Dom hut are reason enough for hiking up: for experienced mountain hikers only.

Europa hut (2,220 m)
This refuge was built in 1998/1999 at the junction of the Europaweg trail and the path up to the Dom hut. Its distinctive feature: the whole hut stands on stilts. Ibex often linger in the vicinity. As the hut is located close to the treeline, photography enthusiasts can compose vast mountain panoramas that also incorporate trees. Ascent to the hut only for experienced mountain hikers.


  • Photo subjects: magnificent mountain views at all huts
  • Low level of light pollution, Milky Way clearly visible
  • The Europabrücke suspension footbridge on the Europaweg trail is temporarily closed. The sides of the Grabengufer ravine are unstable, preventing the reopening of the bridge until further notice.
  • Closure of the suspension bridge means there is no direct trail link between the Europa hut and the Kin hut
  • Hikers wishing to cross the Grabengufer ravine must now detour at lower level, descending almost as far as Randa



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