Photopoint Loorihischi

The Lorihiischi, built around 1256, is part of a group of historical buildings in the village of Randa. The whole complex, with house, barn and stable, is being converted into the Randa museum of traditional life by a charitable foundation.

The historic Lorihiischi house and its associated buildings are being restored at their original location with the help of a charitable foundation. The Lorihiischi is one of the oldest constructions in the village of Randa. The completed museum will show visitors what daily life was like for farmers here in the 17th and 18th centuries – and all the way through to the first half of the 20th century. The house is thought to date from 1256, and is therefore even older than the Swiss Confederation. It is the oldest preserved building in the Vispa valleys, but its exact age is still to be determined.

Lucky outcome
Three generations of people used to live in this house in impoverished circumstances, unable to undertake renovations through lack of money. This has proven to be a blessing in disguise: today, the building stands in its original condition from earlier centuries, without major adaptations to modern life. The kitchen, for example, still has an original “Trächa” (open fireplace). The living room and other rooms have soapstone ovens from the 17th and 18th centuries. There is also a “Schnätzstuba” (workshop) for working on wood, for example.

Goal: a museum about life in earlier centuries
It is still unclear when the museum will open to the public. In due course, it will show visitors how people in and around Randa used to live in earlier centuries – with the help of furniture, amenities and tools relating to agriculture, cheese-making and other activities. The stable and shed will show the important role played by mules as a means of transport.

  • The house is being carefully and sensitively restored
  • Original furnishings
  • Tools for obtaining firewood and timber for construction
  • Equipment: from grain to bread
  • Equipment: from milk to cheese
  • Cellar with potato pit
freely accessible / always open