Horu Käserei

The Horu-Käserei is the only cheese-maker in Zermatt that creates dairy products from Zermatt milk every day of the year.

The fondue mixtures produced by Zermatt’s Horu-Käserei cheese dairy are highly popular with locals and visitors alike, and promise a convivial and enjoyable evening. The yoghurts of the Horu-Käserei are a big hit, too, although these are produced only in winter months. Customers can buy wheels of cheese of different levels of maturity; most are stored for between one and nine months.

  • Sales point in the dairy, by phone request
  • July and August: sales only by phone request
  • Sales in all bakeries in Zermatt
  • Sales at the Matterhorn butcher’s in the Hofmattstrasse, by Migros



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