Earth Plastic View

The “Earth Plastic View” highlights global plastics consumption. Artist Branko Šmon compares annual consumption with the volume of the Matterhorn.

The artist Branko Šmon is on a mission to raise awareness of the worldwide production of plastics and its effects on the environment. He is portraying the global plastic stock of seven billion tonnes in comparison to the volume of the Matterhorn. If the worldwide plastic stock existed in granulate form, it would have a volume of 14 km3.

Using frames set up by the artist at various vantage points in Zermatt, he will show how much of the Matterhorn could be filled with granulate, visualising the spatial dimensions of the plastic stock for the observer.


  • Gornergrat
  • Rotenboden
  • Riffelberg
  • Blauherd
  • Sunnegga
  • Rothorn

The project starts with the official opening on 19 July 2019 and is due to run for around a year. Swiss pioneer Bertrand Piccard, who circumnavigated the world in a solar plane from 2015 to 2016, has taken over the sponsorship of "Earth Plastic View".

Interview mit Betrand Piccard

Art app

For the project, Šmon developed the “Earth Plastic View Art” app, which includes various functions to enhance visualisation of the volume of plastic. This multi-dimensional art experience uses virtual reality to enhance the real experience of the Matterhorn. Each time the app is purchased, €1 is donated to innovative projects and sustainable solutions for plastic. The art app will be available in the App store and in the Google Play Store after the opening on 19 July 2019.

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