Mountain bike guidelines

To avoid possible conflicts with other groups of guests, to care of nature and the landscape as well as to ensure their own safety, mountain bike guests in the destination Zermatt – Matterhorn are asked to observe certain rules of conduct.

Mountain bikers are allowed to ride on all roads, unless a prohibition sign forbids their passage. This means that there is a potential for conflicts with other route users. The destination therefore asks for consideration and peaceful coexistence on the paths in and around Zermatt, Täsch and Randa.

Guidelines for mountain bike riders 


  • Respect others using the paths and trails (trail tolerance)
  • Forward-looking riding and take the unexpected into consideration
  • Avoid heavily used path sections when riding fast


  • Protect nature
  • Do note leave tracks behind
  • Close meadow gates after going through


  • Use good and proper equipment
  • Plane a tour carefully
  • Check the weather and weather forecast before setting out

Note emergency numbers:

  • Emergency in Switzerland: 144
  • Police: 117