Matterhorn Lexikon

Author: Uli Auffermann
Publisher: Schall-Verlag
Price: CHF 42.90
ISBN No: ISBN-10: 3900533792 + ISBN-13: 978-3900533793
Languages: GER

Original title: Matterhorn Lexikon (Matterhorn Lexicon)

Preface by Hans Kammerlander: “The Matterhorn is certainly one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It is an inspiration to everyone who sets eyes on it or may have had the opportunity to climb it. Its unique appearance and the challenges it poses to mountaineers never cease to amaze me. I have strong memories of the north face, which I climbed in my younger years. I also once ascended all four Matterhorn ridges within a period of 24 hours. This truly outstanding experience allowed me to forge a very close bond with the mountain! 2015 will see the 150th anniversary of the first ascent. I think this is a wonderful occasion to honour the Matterhorn with this Lexicon.” There is plenty more to learn about the “Hore” – as Zermatt’s natives like to call their beautiful mountain.