Dogs in the destination

There is plenty of space in the Zermatt – Matterhorn destination for people, dogs and other animals. To help ensure that we all get along peacefully, it is helpful to have some behaviour rules.

These behaviour rules will help dog owners and non-dog owners to co-exist in harmony.

The following rules on dog ownership apply:

  • Within the village, all dogs must be kept on a lead (except in the dog exercise areas). Unless otherwise stated, dogs must be kept under control. 
  • Owners must ensure that their dog does not bother anyone.
  • Outside private property, potentially dangerous dogs must be kept on a lead and fitted with a muzzle.
  • When meeting other dog owners, hikers, bikers, walkers or other pedestrians, the dog must be on a lead.
  • Dogs must not urinate, mark or defecate in unsuitable places such as poster stands, terraces, benches and flower beds.
  • Dogs must not urinate in inappropriate places. Dog mess must always be picked up using a dog bag and disposed of in the Robidog bins or sacks.
  • If dogs are permitted in restaurants, they must be on a lead and must not be in the way of other guests and waiting staff.
  • In the dog exercise area, dogs must always be kept in sight and within recall distance.
  • During the flora growing season, dogs are not allowed in the pastures.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to chase or hunt the animals. During the breeding season, dogs must be kept on a lead in the woods and surrounding areas. 
  • Dogs can travel on the cable cars for free.
  • If dog owners encounter other dog owners, hikers, bikers, walkers or pedestrians, the dog must be called immediately and kept on a lead.
  • Dog mess should also be removed in countryside areas. Dogs can transmit diseases and worms to other dogs or wild animals via their faeces. This must be avoided.
  • In summer, meadows (especially fenced meadows) must be avoided. Dogs are not allowed to run around in these meadows as they provide pasture and the grass should not be trampled.

Summary of Gemeinde Zermatt's Dog Lead Policy

Rules for non-dog owners:

  • Always keep a sensible distance from a dog and walk calmly.
  • Only stroke dogs with the express permission of their owner.
  • When coming up behind a dog, hikers, bikers and other people should make themselves noticeable so that the dog owner can react accordingly.
  • If children and dogs are in the same area, both should be constantly supervised.
  • Dogs can also use buses and trains with their owners. Be considerate if a dog is on the bus or train with you; do not push it into a corner.

Thank you for your consideration!