Der Wahrheit näher

Author: Hannes Taugwalder & Martin Jaggi
Publisher: Glendyn Verlag (1990)
Price: CHF 24.00
ISBN No: ISBN-10: 3906337111 + ISBN-13: 978-3906337111
Languages: GER

Original title: Der Wahrheit näher (Closer to the Truth)

Big events cast long shadows. This is certainly true for the first ascent of the famous Matterhorn on 14 July 1865. The tragedy that occurred on the descent just below the summit, which cost four mountaineers their life, has given rise to speculations about the conduct of the survivors. Hannes Taugwalder and Hans Jaggi, an ardent Alpine historian, agree that there are inconsistencies in Edward Whymper’s report (Scrambles amongst the Alps). This book unravels the past.