„Der Wächter des Matterhorns“, Mein Leben auf der Hörnlihütte

Author: Kurt Lauber
Publisher: Droemer Verlag
Price: CHF 35.90
ISBN No: ISBN-10:3-426-27573-2
Languages: GER

Original title: „Der Wächter des Matterhorns“, Mein Leben auf der Hörnlihütte (Warden of the Matterhorn”, My Life at Hörnlihütte)

My life at Hörnlihütte. On good days when the weather is fair, Kurt Lauber, a Zermatt mountain rescuer, can use his helicopter to pick up inexperienced tourists who bit off more than they can chew. On bad days, however, terrain, snow storms or darkness necessitate rescues on foot. On top of being a mountain rescuer, Kurt Lauber has also been warden of the Hörnlihütte, located on the Matterhorn at an altitude of 3,260 metres, for the last 15 years. In a fascinating and sweeping narrative, he describes his experiences in over 1,000 rescue missions, many of which left a permanent mark in him. The book also presents insights into the taxing everyday life at the cabin, which employs six staff members. An impressive portrayal of life and work against the panorama of the majestic Matterhorn.