Benches for relaxation: A view of your very own bench

A nice bench with a view of the mountain panorama is part and parcel of relaxation and enjoyment. In Zermatt, interested parties can create their very own benches. This costs around CHF 2,222.-, including a plate with names and a text that you can select yourself.

In Zermatt, people in search of relaxation can hike over 400 km of marked trails in the world of the mountains. Around 250 benches in Zermatt, Täsch and Randa invite you to stay a while and take a break. The benches are made from solid larch wood, and have an engraved, black-coloured text in four languages “Great that you’re here“ as well as the logo plate “Zermatt Matterhorn”.

To your own bench

A bench can be purchased for a period of five years. The sales price of CHF 2,222.- includes the possibility of having a text engraved onto a plate. Length: 6 rows of 35 characters, including spaces. There is also the name of the sponsor. Examples of selected texts: “Tortoises can tell you more about the path than hares” – a saying from China. Or: “You can select the path, but not the people who you will meet” – wise words from Arthur Schnitzler. A Russian proverb can also make us reflect: “Sparrows will never understand why eagles fly higher than cherry trees can grow”. And the humorous writer Christian Morgenstern leaves us with these words: “Thoughts are like dogs and small children: They want you to go for a walk with them.” 

But perhaps someone has a very personal motto or saying that they would like to pass on to other hikers. After five years, the bench contract can be extended for a further five years for CHF 1,111.-, as long as the condition of the bench allows this.

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