Tip of Pirmin Zurbriggen

Former ski racer Pirmin Zurbriggen is one of the most successful professional skiers. He now runs the Suitenhotel Zurbriggen in Zermatt with his family.

Pirmin’s advice for the women:

My key tip for the women to take with them on the Matterhorn ascent is to really mentally prepare for every step. There will be moments when it's tough – the pressure, the intense effort and the exertion. In these moments, though, if you have confidence in your training, your ability and your knowledge and can see the next steps clearly in your head, this will give you the self-confidence and assurance to overcome the crisis. What that means is: NEVER GIVE UP – YOU CAN DO IT! Reaching the summit is such a special, powerful moment, so you need to be well-prepared to ensure you can fully enjoy it.