Tip from Anjan Truffer

Anjan Truffer is a mountain guide and Director of Zermatt Mountain Rescue. He grew up in Zermatt and spends his free time in the mountains and exploring the natural world. He ascended the Matterhorn for the first time at the age of only thirteen.

Anjan’s advice for the women:

In my opinion, the most important thing is obviously to enjoy mountain climbing; that’s your biggest source of motivation. Part of preparing for the climb involves learning about the mountain and its history. This is also a lot of fun, so when you're climbing the mountain and know, for example, where ‘the old hut’ used to be or what the ‘Mosley Slab’ is. It enables to you know what’s ahead. You can never be too fit for mountain climbing, so I recommend that all participants train really well. Ideally not in a gym, but outside on the terrain. Long, hilly hikes are particularly good, with plenty of undulations. I would also recommend trail running, if possible on rough terrain, as this helps to improve your surefootedness.