Sue Hirschi

Even as a teenager, she spent her summers in the Zermatt mountains, snowboarding at the foot of the Matterhorn while her family relaxed at the coast. Now, Sue Hirschi wants to scale Switzerland's most famous landmark. In her application video, she and her relatives explain why she will be successful.

Name: Sue Hirschi
Age when completing the ascent: 31 years old
Residence: Solothurn
Height: 163 cm
Profession & Qualifications: MSc in Vocational Training, teacher (vocational college), registered nurse (BSc).
Hobbies: Hiking, snowboarding, travel, spending time with my favourite people
My strengths: Perseverance, flexibility, honesty, determination
My weaknesses: Impatience

My social media channels (all):

Facebook: sue Hirschi
Instagram: sue_deer

I am ready for the Matterhorn, because... has been a burning desire of mine for many years.

My mountain climbing experience:
Guided glacier hikes (Monte Rosa Hut, Konkordia Hut), Alpine hikes (Bernina Trek)

My biggest challenge for this project:
Scheduling in time to rest in addition to the training.

My connection to Zermatt and the Matterhorn:
When I was young, I spent part of my summer holidays in Zermatt to learn how to snowboard. My family spent time by the sea while I did this. My husband and I spent some of our honeymoon in Zermatt, we’ve been on winter and hiking holidays and been to Zermatt Unplugged, of course. A defining moment for me was when I stood on the terrace of the Monte Rosa Hut just before breakfast, looked towards the Matterhorn and asked my mountain guide what the lights were that I could see. His answer: "Those are the mountain climbers on their way to the peak." It really gave me goosebumps. From that moment, I knew one thing: I had to do it.

It annoys me when:
...people lose sight of the positive

My first thought when I heard about this project: