Steffi Hunziker

Whether it's summer or winter, Steffi Hunziker spends as much of her spare time outdoors as possible. She generally prefers mountain biking, but for the "Matterhorn: Ladies please!’"project, she’s hanging up her bike for the season and putting on her hiking shoes. She will report on the Matterhorn ascent on her sister’s social media channels; as an influencer with more than 130,000 Instagram followers, her sister has a considerably larger audience than Steffi.

Name: Stefanie Hunziker
Age when completing the ascent: 34 years old
Residence: Bern
Height: 160 cm
Profession & Qualifications: Admin Assistant / web and multimedia publisher
Hobbies: Ski tours, biking, fitness, hiking, cooking, photography, being creative
My strengths: positive, creative, structured, organised
My weaknesses: impatient, always on the move

My social media channels (all):


Facebook: Stefanie Hunziker
Instagram: Steffi_Hunziker

Facebook: Nicole Hunziker Photography
Instagram: nicolehunziker

I am ready for the Matterhorn, because...
…this mountain has always fascinated me and I have wanted to scale a four-thousander for a long time.

My mountain climbing experience:
I have no experience of climbing and alpine tours. I go on ski tours almost every weekend in the winter, but without crampons and an ice pick (up until now). In summer, I go on a range of hikes (from easy to hard).

My biggest challenge for this project:
Climbing with crampons, as I have no experience of it. The exposed terrain (longer stages) will also be a challenge.

My connection to Zermatt and the Matterhorn:
I come to Zermatt several times a year, either skiing with my family or biking in the summer.

It annoys me when:
…there is 50 cm of fresh snow and I have to work…

My first thought when I heard about this project:
What an awesome project – I want to be part of it!