150 years ago, British woman Lucy Walker was the first woman to stand on the summit of the Matterhorn. In a tweed skirt, too. It is fitting that this achievement should be honoured 150 years later in Zermatt – Matterhorn. Guests can spend a whole summer, and even some of the autumn, following in the footsteps of Lucy Walker in the mountains and around the Matterhorn, both here in person and virtually.

Go on your own journey of discovery

Where the past and the present come together: In Zermatt, you can hear the exciting story of Lucy Walker’s Matterhorn ascent, see the places where she stopped along the way, visit breathtaking viewpoints or even ride, hike or bike on the same mountains that were climbed back in the 19th century. That significant moment in Alpine history can still be experienced today.

Experience Zermatt - Matterhorn 150 years later

In 2021, Zermatt – Matterhorn continues to be the ultimate mountain climbing paradise. From straightforward Alpine four-thousanders to challenging tours, this is where dreams are realised. Some mountains are also accessible by cable car, there is a wide range of hotels and holiday apartments and the choice of activities has expanded significantly. Browse through everything on offer and then book your accommodation and cable car ticket together as a package.

Stay overnight at the foot of the Matterhorn

Open your eyes to the sight of the Matterhorn or take a few steps to watch the sunrise on the mountain of mountains: the wide range of accommodation in Zermatt – and the "Lucy Walker" specials in particular – make it possible.

Inspiration for at home

Zermatt – Matterhorn means something different to everyone. When you're here, the destination can be enjoyed to the full; back at home and at work, you often wish you were here. Bring the Alpine world and Lucy Walker into your home. Take a look at our webcam (did you know that you can rewind it and replay the sunrise on a clear day?), order a souvenir or watch the “100% Women Peak Challenge" – women-only rope teams climbing the four-thousanders.