Matterhorn Ultraks

As a long-distance mountain race, the Matterhorn Ultraks is an integral part of the international race calendar and an attractive challenge for endurance athletes. Since 2013, it has taken place every year at the end of August.

The next edition will take place from August 23 to 25, 2024.

The idea behind the Matterhorn Ultraks is to offer runners extraordinary race courses with different distances and levels of difficulty, to appeal to all runners - regardless of their personal abilities or respective training levels.


The Matterhorn Ultraks embodies an exceptional experience not only for runners, but also for companions and spectators. The start and finish of all distances (except VERTICAL) take place in the heart of the village, in the "Ultraks Plaza". Thanks to Zermatt's impressive network of ski lifts, spectators can cheer on their favourites with ease, even on the course.


Zermatt offers magnificent trails that invite you to get away from it all, winding through small hamlets and forests and along various lakes. Different routes cater for different runners. Since 2019, there has been an EXTREME race which is part of the Skyrunning® World Series. This puts the Matterhorn Ultraks in the spotlight of the world's best skyrunning athletes.


Length: 19 km
D+: 1'150 m | D-: 1'150 m
Start time: Sunday, 8:30 a.m.

ACTIVE is ideal for you if you opt for a shorter trail without ever losing sight of the Matterhorn.


Length: 32 km
D+: 2'000 m | D-: 2'000 m
Start time: Saturday, 9:30 a.m.

MOUNTAIN is a medium-length trail through some of Zermatt's most magical spots. Among other things, you'll cross the suspension bridge over the Gorner Gorge - an impressive experience!


Length: 49 km
D+: 3'600 m | D-: 3'600 m
Start time: Saturday, 7:00 a.m.

SKY is an enchanting route with a unique landscape that demands speed and technique. The climb to the Gornergrat at 3,100 m is just one of the many challenges. A race for true champions!


Length: 6.3 km
D+: 1'000 m | D-: 20 m
Start time: Friday, 20:30

The VERTINIGHT has a very special charm. The nocturnal start allows participants to cover the 6.3 km to Lac Noir by headlamp light.


Length: 25 km
D+: 2'876 m | D-: 2'876 m
Start time: Friday, 8:00 a.m.

EXTREME is the highlight of the Matterhorn Ultraks - a demanding course requiring proven mountain and altitude experience. The route takes in mountain lakes, rocky outcrops and the glacier. The race is part of the Skyrunner® World Series.

Relay by Loyco

Length: 32 km
D+ : 2'000 m | D- : 2'000 m
Start time: Saturday, 9:30 am

Want to strengthen your team spirit? Then take part in the RELAY by Loyco relay. Three of you will complete the MOUNTAIN course.


Here, the little ones are big. On two different courses, children can show their age who's the fastest to cross the finish line at Wolli.

Length: 900m
HM+/-: 17m
Start time: Friday, 5.30pm

Length: 2.6km
MH+/-: 151m
Start time: Friday, 17:45


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