Matterhorn Ultraks

The Matterhorn Ultraks with its long-range mountain races is well anchored in the international race calendar and an attractive challenge for endurance athletes. Since 2013, it has been held annually at the end of August from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. The next edition takes place from August 25-27, 2023.

The goal with Matterhorn Ultraks is to offer to competitors exceptional courses of various distances and difficulty levels so everyone can find what fits to one skills and preparation level.


Matterhorn Ultraks also offers a new and intense spectator experience: a giant screen with race tracking and commentary allows the public to enter into the spirit of the sport while enjoying the resort and waiting for the finish line to be crossed. For the more adventurous, there is the option to ride up the mountain to cheer on the competitors from key locations around the course.


Zermatt has wonderful paths that allow one to go through hamlets, alongside lakes and through forests. Different routes appeal to different runners. New for 2019, the Extreme Race will be one of four Supersky Races. Its Supersky status means that participants who finish the race in Zermatt will receive twice as many points, enabling them to climb up the overall rankings. This makes the Matterhorn Ultraks a key race for the world's best trail runners.


Distance: 19 km
D+: 1,150 m | D-: 1,150 m

The proposed distance is ideal for those who wish to try competitive trail in full view of the Matterhorn throughout the race.


Distance: 32 km
D+: 2,000 m | D-: 2,000 m

Although the "Mountain" can be considered as the "middle course", it offers a remarkable track with magical spots around Zermatt. Most of the time, you'll run on small pleasant paths and you won't miss the suspension bridge of Gorner Gorge that promises to be a breath-taking experience.


Distance: 49 km
D+: 3,600 m | D-: 3,600 m

A magical track! With a concentration of wild space and high mountains, an ideal course requiring one to combine speed and technique, without fearing the climb to 3'100m to Gornergrat, offering a panoramic view of the ever-present Matterhorn. Only a great athlete will be able to win this race. It is THE race of the Matterhorn Ultraks. 


length : 6.3 km
D+ : 1'000 m | D- : 20 m
Start time : Friday at 20:30

A novelty in 2022 is the "VERTINIGHT", where the runners will run 6.3 km up to the Schwarzsee.

«EXTREME» race

Distance: between 22 and 26 km

Difference in altitude: between 2600 and 2900 m

This race takes place mostly over pathless, technical terrain. It is designed in such a way that the athlete is not exposed to the objective dangers of the mountains, but still has to overcome sections that are technically demanding – running and climbing passages without the risk of falling.


Each team consists of three runners who cover 7.5 km, 10.4 km and 14.1 km. The first stage leads from Zermatt to Sunnegga, the second from Sunnegga via Riffelalp to Furi and the third from Furi via Schwarzsee to Zermatt.


Two courses are proposed according to the age of the participants. Doing so, even the youngest can enjoy running. 

Wolli Course (900 m, D+/D-: 17 m)
Super Wolli Cours (2.6 km, D+/D-: 151 m)


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