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The railway has direct connections in Brig and Visp to the modern narrow-gauge railway of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, which arrives in Zermatt after an hour and a half ride through the rugged and romantic Nicolaital valley.
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Zermatt is car-free. Private traffic is only permitted up to Täsch (5 km before Zermatt), and the road between Täsch and Zermatt is also closed to private transport.
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Zermatt is only a few hours from the international airports Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Milan and also has its own heliport, which is operated by the Air Zermatt company.
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Zermatt is car-free. Only electro-mobiles are allowed for commercial use, together with horse-drawn carriages. Most distances can be easily covered on foot, but electro-taxis ensure a comfortable transfer to the hotels.
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