Wellness & spas

Wellness centres and spas are offered in two dozen Zermatt hotels. Many external guests can also do some good for themselves while relaxing. Why not also indulge in a massage once?

16 Attractions

Indoor pool & spa Arca Solebad

Open to external guests: Adults.
Reserved for hotel guests in winter from 4 pm to 7 pm.
Prices: Mornings: CHF 18, afternoons and evenings: CHF 26


Indoor pool & spa Hotel Coeur des Alpes

Open to non-residents: open in summer, in winter by appointment

Price: CHF 45


Indoor pool & spa Hotel Eden Wellness

Open to non-residents: spa on request only, no kids
Indoor pool: suitable for children, must be accompanied by an adult


Indoor pool & spa Hotel La Ginabelle

Open for public guests
Entrance for the indoor- and outdoor pool 34° with different water attractions, 2 Jacuzzi 37° and SPA CHF 38.-- per person including drinks.
For the kids: Own Family SPA, Kids only in company with adults.


Indoor pool & spa Mont Cervin Palace

Open to non-residents: only on request
Price: CHF 50 / CHF 30 for children
Suitable for children: kids’ paddling pool


Indoor pool & spa Parkhotel Beau Site

Open to non-residents: only in combination with a treatment
Suitable for children: only when accompanied by adults


Spa Alpine Hideaway Hotel Mirabeau

Alpine Hideaway Spa for adults and teenagers over 14 years of age. The private spa is also suitable for children.


Spa Backstage Hotel Vernissage

Open to non-residents: on reservation
Price: winter CHF 90 / summer CHF 70


Spa Hotel Alex

Open to non-residents: spa with massages & beauty treatments


Spa Hotel Alpenhof

Open to non-residents: only in combination with a treatment.


Spa Hotel Astoria

Open to non-residents: on request
Price: CHF 30


Spa Hotel Bella Vista

Open to non-residents: 4-8pm; in poor weather, earlier visits also possible.

Price: CHF 25 inc. bathrobe, towels, slippers


Spa Hotel Europe

Open to non-residents: Various Day Spa arrangements available as Spa & Dinner or Late Spa
Suitable for children: Children are allowed to use the whirlpool under supervision of an adult


Spa Hotel Hemizeus

Open to non-residents
Price: CHF 25

Suitable for children: whirlpool bath only


Spa Hotel Perren

Open to non-residents
Price: CHF 20 including towel


Spa Hotel Walliserhof Täsch

Open to non-residents: on request
Price: 8am-noon: adults CHF 10, children CHF 8 / noon-8pm: adults CHF 20, children CHF 15

Suitable for children: for children under 16 accompanied by an adult.


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