Zermatt hotels: Once again top of the class


Zermatt’s hotels are among the best in Switzerland. The top hotels in the Matterhorn village have been awarded high ratings by Switzerland’s leading business magazine Bilanz. The outperformer among the hotels is Zermatt’s Hotel Coeur des Alpes which has been awarded first place in the unique hotel category for the fourth year running.

Regular guests have known it for a long time: The quality and hospitality offered by Zermatt’s hotels is legendary. The Bilanz rating published on 26 July 2013 stands as proof. Once again, 5 Zermatt hotels are among the 50 top holiday hotels in Switzerland and another two received top rankings in the unique hotel category.

Managed by Leni and Thomas Müller-Julen, Hotel Coeur des Alpes is Zermatt’s top-ranking hotel for the eighth consecutive year, confirming its preeminent position in the Matterhorn village. .

Assessment criteria

The business magazine carried out a survey of favourite hotels among 120 leading Swiss hoteliers. Further rankings were drawn up on the basis of over 4,000 written hotel recommendations. Hotels were ranked according to the number of mentions and the average score. Furthermore, Bilanz staff visited hotels in person, investigating 20 infrastructural criteria (spa, room, investment) and so-called soft criteria, such as service culture, attention to detail and innovative power.

Best holiday hotels in Switzerland 

5th place Riffelalp Resort (5 stars superior)
14th place The Omnia Mountain Lodge (5 stars)
18th place Mountain Boutique Resort Cervo (4 stars superior)
20th place Mont Cervin Palace (5 stars superior)
32nd place Hotel & Residence Mirabeau (4 stars superior)

Best three-star and unique boutique hotels

1st place Coeur des Alpes 
6th place Backstage Hotel Vernissage

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