Google search engine: Zermatt is once again the winner


On internet searches on Google, Zermatt is the most searched locality in Switzerland. And this sequently for the third time. Observations on the Zeitgeist.

Is everyone dreaming about a holiday in Zermatt? We don’t know the answer to this, but what we do know is that on Google, the most searched locality in Switzerland is Zermatt. Also for the year 2013, the internet company conducted what it calls its "Zeitgeist" research into search trends. To do this, Google usually analyses trillions of search queries – spread across countries throughout the world – to find out which queries had the largest volume of searches.
Google users in Switzerland who searched on the web for cities and towns were mainly looking for Zermatt. Already by the end of 2011 and 2012 Zermatt ranked No. 1.

1. Zermatt (for the third time 1.)
2. Zürich (8.)
3. Lausanne (3.)
4. Basel (2.)
5. Bern (7.)
6. Lenzerheide (new)
7. Luzern (5.)
8. Flumserberg (new)
9. Winterthur (4.)
10. Davos (6.)

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